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Trends in SynBio for 2013

Read the full report by the Wilson Center here! Meanwhile here’s a preview: Major Findings: • The number of entities conducting research in synthetic biology increased significantly between 2009 and 2013, resulting in a total of [...]

Todd Kuiken: Genes as Intellectual Property

One of the biggest discussions in synthetic biology is the question of intellectual property and patenting of novel genes. 2013 has been a landmark year with rulings by various Supreme Courts on the issue of patenting [...]

Dan Grushkin: Writing a History of Synthetic Biology

Daniel Grushkin has been a journalist for the past 13 years and specializes in the world of synthetic biology. As co-founder of Genspace, the first community DIY lab, he has hands on experience and unique insights [...]

Todd Kuiken: Changing Regulation Policy for Synthetic Biology

In May 2013 a New York Times article reported plans to create and distribute glowing plants. On that same morning, Todd Kuiken of the Wilson Center got a call from a senator’s office with a lot [...]