Catalyzing Innovation

BioFab: Applying Moore’s Law to DNA Synthesis A summary of how gene synthesis has evolved according to Moore’s law of exponential growth. The report covers how Gen 9’s technology came to being, a little history of [...]

Jay Keasling: Carbon Negative Biofuels from Sugar

Jay Keasling is the founder of JBEI, the Joint BioEnergy Institute, government funded research institute for creating renewable biofuels. I asked Dr Keasling how long it would be before our cars are running on biofuels. “We’ve [...]

My New Favorite Game

Go to http://www.nebcutitout.com/ to play this great game made by New England Bio Labs. Match the restriction sites on your cards to the bases on the screen by manipulating them. It’s simple enough that anyone can play and [...]

The Bio-Crime Prophecy

This article was taken from the June 2013 issue of Wired magazine. Be the first to read Wired’s articles in print before they’re posted online, and get your hands on loads of additional content by subscribing online. [...]

JoVE: How-to Videos for Biology Students

JoVE is a service which provides easy-to-follow how-to videos for science students. The videos are made by experts in their fields and university libraries can buy a subscription for their students to use  as much as [...]

Joel Cherry: Cures Malaria, Builds Fuels & Keeps Bread Fresh

Joel Cherry has already had a more interesting than most, working to improve the human condition in many ways. What are you most proud of? “It’s hard not to feel proud of the anti-malarial work, where [...]

Tim Fenn: “The results are jaw-dropping”

Tim Fenn has been a senior scientist at pharmaceuticals company Merck ever since he made the move from academics in 2011. I spoke to him to find out what inspired him to get into biology, and [...]

Todd Kuiken: Genes as Intellectual Property

One of the biggest discussions in synthetic biology is the question of intellectual property and patenting of novel genes. 2013 has been a landmark year with rulings by various Supreme Courts on the issue of patenting [...]

Laura Dress: BUGSS focuses on the creative side of biology

On the one-year anniversary of BUGSS I spoke to co-founder Laura Dress to find out all about Baltimore’s community BSL1 lab with an artistic twist. “BUGSS is Baltimore’s only community lab and the largest in the [...]

Dan Grushkin: Writing a History of Synthetic Biology

Daniel Grushkin has been a journalist for the past 13 years and specializes in the world of synthetic biology. As co-founder of Genspace, the first community DIY lab, he has hands on experience and unique insights [...]

Todd Kuiken: Changing Regulation Policy for Synthetic Biology

In May 2013 a New York Times article reported plans to create and distribute glowing plants. On that same morning, Todd Kuiken of the Wilson Center got a call from a senator’s office with a lot [...]