: ' synthetic biology'

Bacteria Factories

A new study conducted at the Wyss institute at Harvard has discovered a way to design bacteria cells to produce specific types and amounts of chemicals by modifying a bacteria’s genome. This study builds on other [...]

Synthetic Organs

Check out this cool video that discusses how producing synthetically designed large-scale organs may become a reality in the near future. A team of researchers led by Dr. Andrew Blakely, a surgery fellow at Rhode Island [...]

Cellectis Plant Sciences and the Two Blades Foundations Announced a Cross-License Agreement

Cellectis plant sciences and the Two Blades Foundations (2Blades), two organizations with a common mission of developing techniques to improve the quality of crops, have announced a cross-license agreement of their TAL nuclease technologies. TALEN Technology™ [...]

SNAIL Gene Responsible for Aggressive Cancer Cells

Scientists at Georgia Institute recently published a study on the way cancer cells spread which may give the scientific community insights on how to treat aggressive forms of cancer. The team isolated the SNAIL gene responsible [...]

Bio-Incubator Launched at Indian Insititute of Technology-Madras

Synthetic biology is ready to start flapping its wings in southern India. The Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT-M) located in Chennai has launched a bio-incubator assisted with 120 Million USD of funding from the Biotechnology [...]

Enzymes Created from XNA

It’s hard to imagine what life on other planets looks like. When you watch Star Wars and see strange looking aliens it is unbelievable that beings so different from us could actually exist, yet a recent [...]

UCSF-UCB iGEM Team: The Importance of Collaboration

A majority of iGEM teams consists of undergraduate and graduate students yet one team equips themselves with high school students and has no trouble competing. This year the UC-San Francisco, UC-Berkeley (UCSF-UCB) and Abraham Lincoln High [...]

DNA Can Survive in Outer Space

If you recently watched Prometheus and got worried about that weird black goo making it back to earth, buckle your seat belts because it might be possible! Scientists have discovered that double-stranded DNA molecules can survive [...]

Professor King Chow: How to Transform your Students

King Chow, a professor of Life Science at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) and developmental biologist at heart, became interested in synthetic biology fifteen years ago as articles became published in the [...]

Implementing Foreign Quorum Sensing Systems into E. Coli with Galen Gao

When he isn’t splitting his time between classes, water polo and planning Hogwart’s styled theme parties Galen Gao, a junior at Caltech, makes time to conduct synthetic biology research and has just finished competing in the [...]

Open-Source Rapid Prototyping for Biology

Are you tired of spending hours in the laboratory pipetting? Did you recently contaminate your test tube? Check out this awesome device that will solve many of your wet lab problems. OpenTrons has developed an open-source [...]