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Why Does L.A. Say No To GMOs?

The Times editorial board wrote today about the recent protests in L.A. against genetically modified foods. The main question was, why is L.A. so against GMOs? Where is their evidence coming from? According to the editorial [...]

Global Report on Synthetic Biology

Global Industry Analysts, Inc. is a leading publisher of off-the-shelf market research. GIA recently released a report on the Synthetic Biology Market worldwide. Read more here.   Molecular biologists, computer scientists, engineers and chemists are working in collaboration [...]

Breakout Labs for Synthetic Biology

Breakout Labs is a program by the Thiel Foundation ( which supports innovative scientific research and new technologies that empower people to improve their lives). Breakout Labs was founded in November 2011 and supports 16 companies [...]

Trends in SynBio for 2013

Read the full report by the Wilson Center here! Meanwhile here’s a preview: Major Findings: • The number of entities conducting research in synthetic biology increased significantly between 2009 and 2013, resulting in a total of [...]

Global Market for Synthetic Biology products £7 billion by 2016

Synthetic biology can be hard to pin down. The field encompasses a vast array of research themes, from creating artificial life to engineering microbes to produce medicines or fuels. Through it all, though, runs a rich [...]

Four Projects to Revolutionize Agriculture

Four teams of researchers in the United States and the United Kingdom recently were awarded more than $12 million to begin a program of novel research to revolutionize current farming methods by giving crops the ability [...]

Jay Keasling: Carbon Negative Biofuels from Sugar

Jay Keasling is the founder of JBEI, the Joint BioEnergy Institute, government funded research institute for creating renewable biofuels. I asked Dr Keasling how long it would be before our cars are running on biofuels. “We’ve [...]

Must Read Interview with Craig Venter

This interview with Popular Mechanics makes some great predictions about how synthetic biologists could use digitized DNA to help send vaccines and other life forms t the speed of light. Venter talks about how vaccines, which [...]

A Genomics Camp for Girls Only

On the outskirts of Washington DC, 16 girls gather each year to participate in a week-long genomics camp call GO GIRL (Genomic Opportunities for Girls In Research Labs). Amanda Munson & Tracey Nickola (and formerly Nancy Skacel), [...]

About 80 percent of food products have something in them that’s been genetically modified

Source If you’re that shopper who walks straight past the “regular” vegetable bins to those marked “organic,” your purchases are sure to be pesticide-free and probably devoid of unnatural substances. But if they could speak, could [...]

The parallels with SynBio & computers

Some of the tensions around DIY biology, it’s exactly the same as the tensions around computing. It reminds me of the 1982 movie War Games about a kid in his bedroom that manages to hack his [...]