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Gen9 Receives $25 Million

The “Next Generation Gene Synthesis Company”, Gen9 just received $25 million in equity. In addition to the $25 million, Agilent Technologies invested​ $21 million in March of 2013. The source of the money has not yet been [...]

Melina Fan

  Melina Fan is a success story of a driven woman who used her experience in Academia to fill a need. She has cofounded two companies: Addgene and LabLife. After obtaining a BS from MIT and [...]

SEED/SIMB Synbio Conferences

This summer, two large annual synthetic biology conferences, SEED and SIMB, will be taking place in California and Missouri. Omri Amirav-Drory, founder and CEO of Genome Compiler, and Biology Analyst, Martine Bernstein, will first attend the [...]

Synthetic Biology is now Malaria’s worst enemy

Millions across the developing world may see one of their chief scourges become a thing of the past thanks to new advances in how Synthetic Biology can lead the fight against malaria. A research team at [...]

Avi Roy: Synthetic Biology, Short Past and Long Future

Guest Speakers: Randy Rettberg-iGEM Founder, Dr. Richard Kelwick- Imperial College Synthetic Biology Researcher, Dr. Jarek Bryk- National Centre for Biotechnology Education Researcher       [...]

Biomax and KWS SAAT extend pivotal bioinformatics software licensing agreement

Industry leader in bioinformatics software, Biomax (Bio Informatics AG), has announced an extension of their software licensing agreement with established customer KWS SAAT AG this week. This crucial deal entails the continued use of Biomax’s Pendant [...]

What’s in store in in groundbreaking European Synbio Roadmap?

The European synthetic biology community now has a concise vision for the near future. Early in May ERASynBio (European Research Area: Synthetic Biology Commission) outlined a vision for success in the Synthetic Biology industry on the European [...]

High Science? Joint venture budding between Synbio and Cannabis firms

Written by Ron Kanter One of the United States’ largest cannabis agriculture firms is looking to synthetic biology as they rapidly expand throughout the American West. A subsidiary of real estate giant Home Treasure Finders Inc. [...]

Genetic Engineering Can Stop Droughts

Genetically Engineered plants have the capabilities to conserve water in dire drought times and stop crises happening such as in present California. The technology is genetic engineering performed with modern molecular techniques, sometimes referred to as [...]

GMO Rice

A genetically modified rice that was created to contain more vitamins and nutrients for a large population is being criticized by skeptics. This rice would be extremely valuable for 200-300 million children in developing countries who [...]

From the laboratory of George Church: Synthetic Biology at the Megabase Scale

Conventional wisdom is proved wrong thanks to new technology developed at Church lab to easily and quickly measure thousands of designed sequences of DNA. I spoke to NSF Graduate Research Fellow Daniel Goodman to find out [...]