Biomax and KWS SAAT extend pivotal bioinformatics software licensing agreement

Industry leader in bioinformatics software, Biomax (Bio Informatics AG), has announced an extension of their software licensing agreement with established customer KWS SAAT AG this week. This crucial deal entails the continued use of Biomax’s Pendant [...]

Dr. Douglas Densmore: The International Workshop on Bio-Design Automation

It is approaching that time of year again for the 6th annual International Workshop on Bio-Design Automation ( IWBDA). This event, which spans from June 11th-12th  in Boston, Massachusetts, brings together researchers, entrepreneurs, industrialists, and students [...]

John Sgouros: An Expert’s View on the Future of the Synthetic Biology Field

Dr. John Sgouros is a consultant at Biomax and a leader in the field of bioinformatics. John, being a native to Greece, has been involved in the biology industry in Europe for quite some time. He [...]

Interview with Jamie Bacher

Dr. Jamie Bacher took the time to interview with me on Monday to discuss his newly launched San Francisco-based start-up Pareto Biotechnologies, Inc. Pareto utilizes polyketide biosynthesis to create a potentially future-altering synthetic biology platform that [...]

Rob Carlson: Cowborgs are the Future of Energy

Written by Jonny Serfaty Rob Carlson is one of the world’s leading experts on biotechnology, particularly synthetic biology, and spends a lot of his time analyzing the industry in order to help biotech companies do well [...]

Jay Keasling: Carbon Negative Biofuels from Sugar

Jay Keasling is the founder of JBEI, the Joint BioEnergy Institute, government funded research institute for creating renewable biofuels. I asked Dr Keasling how long it would be before our cars are running on biofuels. “We’ve [...]

Andrew Hessel: The Goal that Drives Me

Ever wondered what motivates Andrew Hessel to drive Synthetic Biology forward? “I have a goal that keeps me focused and has done for the last decade and it’s pretty simple: I want to see drug development [...]

Jay Keasling: Synthetic Biology already saving 120 million people a year

When talking about the successes of synthetic biology, Jay Keasling is sure to come up in conversation as the man responsible for the first and biggest practical application of synthetic biology so far – the production [...]

Jay Keasling: “I was doing synthetic biology before it was called synthetic biology”

Jay Keasling is one of the most prominent names in synthetic biology, responsible for the first and only practical application in the field so far – the production of the anti-malarial drug artemisinin via fermentation. He [...]

SB6 Videos Available Online

Couldn’t make it to London last July? Never fear, all the videos are available online! Click here to watch them.             Source: BioBricks Foundation [...]