In The News — 29 June 2014

This summer, two large annual synthetic biology conferences, SEED and SIMB, will be taking place in California and Missouri.

Omri Amirav-Drory, founder and CEO of Genome Compiler, and Biology Analyst, Martine Bernstein, will first attend the Synthetic Biology, Engineering, Evolution and Design conference from July 14th to July 17th. This conference is better referred to as SEED, and is located in Manhattan Beach, California. Guest speakers from around the world will collaborate and speak about innovation, new tools and genetic engineering all deriving from synthetic biology. More specifically, 53 guest speakers will be in attendance. These lectures feature a number of the industries major influencers including Chris Voigt’s “In Vivo Production of Mixed-Component Materials” and Christopher Anderson’s “Computationally Enumerating the Biosynthetically Reachable Space to Asses Opportunities and Risks”. All of these lectures and developments are centered on solving world sustainability, environmental system problems and expanding synthetic biology.

Shortly after, Martine Bernstein and Co-founder/COO of Genome Compiler, Yogev Debbi will travel to St. Louis, Missouri. The annual Society for Industrial Microbiology and Bio Technology conference will be held from July 20th to July 24th. This conference, better known as SIMB, will host 30 sessions composed of 185 representative speakers. SIMB is dedicated to the advancement of microbiological sciences, focusing on Natural Products, Metabolic Engineering, DNA Sequencing Technologies and Applications, Environmental Biology, Fermentation and Cell Culture.

If you would like to see us at the conference, feel free to contact Anat Reichman:

To find out more information on either conference, visit: SEEDSIMB



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