Videos — 19 November 2014

Are you tired of spending hours in the laboratory pipetting? Did you recently contaminate your test tube? Check out this awesome device that will solve many of your wet lab problems. OpenTrons has developed an open-source machine, the OT.One that will allow you run your experiments mechanically and software, Mix.Bio, to design and share experiments on your browser.

Styled in the same manner as the Open qPCR Kickstarter project, OpenTrons has left their innovations open-sourced so that DIY biologists will be able to further develop their product. OpenTrons equipment will only cost $3000, which is 2/3rds the industry price of similar devices. The Kickstarter project has already more than half their goal of $100,000 with eleven days left to back them. To learn more about the project click here and spread the word so they can read their goal!



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