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Open-Source Rapid Prototyping for Biology

Are you tired of spending hours in the laboratory pipetting? Did you recently contaminate your test tube? Check out this awesome device that will solve many of your wet lab problems. OpenTrons has developed an open-source [...]

DIYsect: Crowdfunded Documentaries about DIY Bio

Also pictured:  Joe Davis, artist in residence at MIT Benjamin Welmond and Mary Tsang recently returned from a 2-month voyage around North America, creating a documentary series about DIY bio.   The project, named DIYsect, was funded [...]

How the Crowd Will Change The World: Synthetic Biology & Kickstarter

One thing that characterizes the history of humanity is the joining together of groups or individuals to work together and accelerate progress. Small tribes united to build monuments, towns coming together to fight wars, and nations [...]

Glowing Plant Project on Kickstarter

The Kickstarter project that received half a million dollars to create real glowing plants. Check out the Kickstarter page here .       [...]