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Leading Scientists Address Congress on Future of Synthetic Biology

Dr. Karmella Haynes, an assistant professor from Arizona State University, was among a small group of scientists who addressed a recent Congressional hearing about the emerging field of Synthetic Biology. In the Haynes Lab at the [...]

Jay Keasling: Carbon Negative Biofuels from Sugar

Jay Keasling is the founder of JBEI, the Joint BioEnergy Institute, government funded research institute for creating renewable biofuels. I asked Dr Keasling how long it would be before our cars are running on biofuels. “We’ve [...]

Jay Keasling: Synthetic Biology already saving 120 million people a year

When talking about the successes of synthetic biology, Jay Keasling is sure to come up in conversation as the man responsible for the first and biggest practical application of synthetic biology so far – the production [...]

Jay Keasling: “I was doing synthetic biology before it was called synthetic biology”

Jay Keasling is one of the most prominent names in synthetic biology, responsible for the first and only practical application in the field so far – the production of the anti-malarial drug artemisinin via fermentation. He [...]