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Must Read Interview with Craig Venter

This interview with Popular Mechanics makes some great predictions about how synthetic biologists could use digitized DNA to help send vaccines and other life forms t the speed of light. Venter talks about how vaccines, which [...]

Craig Venter: ‘This isn’t a fantasy look at the future. We are doing the future’

Read the full article at The Guardian The pioneering American scientist, who created the world’s first synthetic life, is building a gadget that could teletransport medicine and vaccines into our homes or to colonists in space. [...]

Take a Tour of Craig Venter’s New Center

Clikc here to take the tour A $37 million, 45,000-square-foot campus of the J. Craig Venter Institute nearing completion on Torrey Pines Mesa. When it opens, in November, it will add even more heft to San [...]

New Book by J. Craig Venter

A book review for J.Craig Venter’s new book, discussing the potential future applications of biotech in space and the meaning of life. Written by Chloë Schama Source: smithsonianmag.com Life at the Speed of Light: From the Double Helix [...]