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UCSF-UCB iGEM Team: The Importance of Collaboration

A majority of iGEM teams consists of undergraduate and graduate students yet one team equips themselves with high school students and has no trouble competing. This year the UC-San Francisco, UC-Berkeley (UCSF-UCB) and Abraham Lincoln High [...]

Professor King Chow: How to Transform your Students

King Chow, a professor of Life Science at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) and developmental biologist at heart, became interested in synthetic biology fifteen years ago as articles became published in the [...]

Implementing Foreign Quorum Sensing Systems into E. Coli with Galen Gao

When he isn’t splitting his time between classes, water polo and planning Hogwart’s styled theme parties Galen Gao, a junior at Caltech, makes time to conduct synthetic biology research and has just finished competing in the [...]

The iGEM Experience with UT Austin

The International Genetically Engineered Machine competition (iGEM) is an undergraduate Synthetic Biology competition. Participating student teams use a kit of biological parts, along with new parts of their own, to design biological devices and operate them [...]

Lets Get Better at Engineering Matter

Drew Endy, a professor of Bioengineering at Stanford and one of the leaders in Synthetic Biology, discusses his philosophy on how he makes decisions about whether or not biology should be altered, the history of genetic [...]

Ben-Gurion University iGEM 2014

Check out Ben-Gurion University’s iGEM 2014 research project, the Inner Doctor. They are designing a nano-scale inner doctor to help address the metabolic syndrome, a worldwide problem present in 1 out of 4 adults. The condition [...]

Let There Be Light (receptor proteins)

At this year’s iGEM competition, Exeter built on the ideas developed by previous teams to create a paint-by-light system, in which you can shine a light on a certain receptor, in this case using E.coli, to [...]

All iGEM Teams on a Map!

Ever wondered what it would look like to see all the iGEM teams and prizes since the competition’s inception plotted on a map of the world? Well, this is your lucky day! Check out this interactive [...]

iGEM in the Press: Lethbridge wins top prize

Source: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/technology/science/university-of-leth If you want to succeed in the scientific revolution of the future, it helps to think about life as a computer program.   That strategy helped University of Lethbridge students walk away with the top [...]

Frivolous Applications are Great

Written by Jonny Serfaty As a self-proclaimed futurist, Andrew Hessel is always looking to the future and in particular to the future of synthetic biology. While most of what we talk about these days is synbio’s [...]

An Epic Debate on SynBio at KU Leuven

The KU Leuven iGEM team organized a comprehensive debate with a panel of experts and opened up questions to the public, including bioterrorism, patenting rights, and the risks of releasing new living things that don’t exist [...]