In The News — 01 May 2014

Written by Ron Kanter

One of the United States’ largest cannabis agriculture firms is looking to synthetic biology as they rapidly expand throughout the American West. A subsidiary of real estate giant Home Treasure Finders Inc. (HMTF), HMTF Cannabis Holdings has publicly announced its expansive land accusations in states with reformed marijuana cultivation laws while planning to take advantage of a discipline at the pinnacle of agricultural sciences to better its product; synthetic biology.

HMTF Cannabis Holdings has announced a strategic partnership with Rosewind Cannabis Genetics Corporation for a variety of abilities that synbio specialists can afford the marijuana agriculture firm. In a recent press release from the subsidiary, the joint effort between HMTF Cannabis and the Rosewind Corporation will be “to research Cannabis genetics using the tools of synthetic biology with a goal to perfect and commercialize various high value technologies.” In other words, the partnership is being devised to ensure the easy development of more effective (potent) strains of marijuana and deliver these products in a cost effective manner to the smoking public.

The press release detailing the cooperative effort also discloses how the Rosewind Corporation will provide the most practiced services that synthetic biology offers to the agricultural industry. Stated in the announcement: “This [agreement] will benefit the tenants which occupy HMTF Cannabis Holdings Inc. grow facilities by enabling them to enforce proprietary ownership and reliably identify various strains of cannabis.” With the inclusion of advanced measures to eliminate the reproductive capacity of their seeds, the Synthetic Biologists at Rosewind will be able to ensure that HMTF Cannabis’ most valuable intellectual property remains a trade secret. One can only assume that as both the Synthetic Biology and commercial marijuana industries grow this will become a common and necessary practice to survive in a field as competitive as designer cannabis.

Of course, the news of a cannabis cultivator and synthetic biology genetics firm collaboration will be sure to put smiles on the faces of marijuana company executives as well as lazy college students and music festival goers everywhere. Although the recreational applications may prove profitable, one must consider the impact that this partnership will have on the medicinal side of the cannabis industry.

With researchers continuously discovering uses of marijuana as a potent remedy for dozens of needs of the ailing public the ability for scientists to isolate key traits of the mysterious plant’s pharmaceutical properties can prove extremely beneficial. Scientists honing in on cannabis based health solutions obtaining through Synthetic Biology the ability to avoid decreases in functionality as well as a more diverse range of administration routes the possibilities for the controversial drug’s medical applications grow to new bounds.

Perhaps, the most valuable genes in marijuana plants with regards to health and wellness can be extracted from the cannabis genome and inserted into entirely different substances contained in traditional medication mediums such as inhalers or pills or into radically different platforms such as fruits or vegetables.

The union of synthetic biology and marijuana agriculture will be sure to benefit all parties partial to one of America’s most vital cash-crops, from the producers to the recreational users and ideally those for whom it is medically necessary. With the increases in IP security and quality as well as the potential for increased medical applications inspired by HMTF Cannabis Holdings and Rosewind Cannabis Genetics Corporation strategic partnership, it is certain that this collaboration will at no time soon go up in smoke.


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