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Glowing Plants: Crowdsourced Genetic Engineering Project Ignites Controversy

Biohackers who promised to distribute genetically modified bioluminescent plants without regulatory testing defend their work.   In April three biohackers from a California Do-It-Yourself biology lab,¬†BioCurious, posted a Kickstarter campaign to crowdsource their plan to bioengineer [...]

Glowing Plant’s DNA arrives

The first shipment of DNA for the Glowing Plants arrives! Watch as Kyle Taylor unpacks the Fed-Ex box to reveal how DNA is sent through the mail. [...]

Kyle Taylor: How we design DNA

Kyle Taylor of the Glowing Plant Project takes us through the design protest. [...]

Glowing Plant on DNews

What’s the problem with plants? They don’t glow! Check out this interview with Omri Amirav-Drory and Antony Evans filmed during the Glowing Plant Kickstarter Project.           [...]

Glowing Plant Project on Kickstarter

The Kickstarter project that received half a million dollars to create real glowing plants. Check out the Kickstarter page¬†here .       [...]