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Vector NTI Vs Genome Compiler

By Yael Lederman Everyday, biologists seek simple answers to life’s most complex questions. But getting from point A to point B can be a painstaking process. Software, a way to organize the chaos into simple, easy-to-use [...]

Genetics Determine Efficacy of Flu Vaccines

It’s the middle of the flu season, and those of us who haven’t gotten our shots might be regretting it right about now. But turns out, flu shots work for some better than others, and all [...]

New Genome Editing Technique Better than CRISPR/Cas9

A new method of genome editing may be superior to the CRISPR/Cas9 technique. Researchers at Stanford University School of Medicine were able to cure mice with hemophilia by inserting a missing gene that expresses for a [...]

Sex Life of Plants

10,000 years ago people in central Mexico started to domesticize corn. They were the first geneticists picking the genes in crops they liked to determine what they would plant the following season. Geneticists and breeders continue [...]

Genetically Modified Babies: GATTACA for Real?

In 1997, researchers announced that the first successful transfer of genetic material had taken place in 30 human babies. This announcement brought on a whirlwind of criticism, with fears that this breakthrough will be the beginning [...]

Genetic Engineering Can Stop Droughts

Genetically Engineered plants have the capabilities to conserve water in dire drought times and stop crises happening such as in present California. The technology is genetic engineering performed with modern molecular techniques, sometimes referred to as [...]

The Immortal Apple: Genetic Engineering

A small company called Okanagan Specialty Fruits has created the Arctic Apple, of the apple that doesn’t brown, by changing the genetic make-up of apples. The production of GMOs originally had best intentions in mind. For [...]

GMO Rice

A genetically modified rice that was created to contain more vitamins and nutrients for a large population is being criticized by skeptics. This rice would be extremely valuable for 200-300 million children in developing countries who [...]

Interview with Jamie Bacher

Dr. Jamie Bacher took the time to interview with me on Monday to discuss his newly launched San Francisco-based start-up Pareto Biotechnologies, Inc. Pareto utilizes polyketide biosynthesis to create a potentially future-altering synthetic biology platform that [...]

Swap Pills for new DNA

With CRISPR leading the way once again, we see a huge explosion in the commercial marketplace to support the ideas behind this technology.   Editas Medicine recently announced an initial $43 million venture capital investment  to develop [...]