In The News — 06 October 2014

General Mills Inc. struck down a proposal to ban GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) as ingredients from all their brands last week at their annual shareholder meeting. A resounding 98 percent of shareholders voted against a companywide ban.

The definitive decision comes as somewhat of a surprise because of the company’s recent removal of GMOs from its Cheerios cereal and their acquisition of Annie’s Homegrown, a company that promises zero use of artificial ingredients including GMOs.

The proposal to ban GMOs from all brands was raised by Harriet Crosby, the great-granddaughter of General Mills’ co founder, who worries that the company’s use of GMOs will damage their reputation. General Mills already restricts their use of GMO products in the European Union due to mandatory labeling regulations.

Crosby was countered by General Mill’s CEO, Ken Powell who stated, “we know and believe GMOs are very safe” based off global research done by food industry regulators. General Mills seems to have taken a stance in the middle, trying to appeal to both supporters and critics of GMOs.

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