In The News — 03 August 2014

The “Next Generation Gene Synthesis Company”, Gen9 just received $25 million in equity. In addition to the $25 million, Agilent Technologies invested​ $21 million in March of 2013. The source of the money has not yet been disclosed but will contribute to new projects in the synthetic biology marketplace.

Just a few days ago, Gen9 released a Variant Libraries product and announced the launching of GeneByte Plus synthetic DNA. These two commodities allow for a sizeable synthesizing increase of DNA base pairs and DNA testing and analysis of variant combinations. In the past, the company was limited to synthesizing less than 3,000 base pairs. Now Gen9 is able to synthesize 3,000- 10,000 base pairs.

This new equity will advance the direction of synthetic biology because of the financial leeway promoting innovation. CEO and president, Kevin Munnelly thanks the support of its investors in​ Gen9 for making all of this possible.

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