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Project to Barcode Alaska – Funded!

A Genspace project to go to Alaska and ‘barcode” the plant species there has been fully funded on┬áMicroryza, which is the Kickstarter of scientific research. The project, led by Ellen Jorgensen, aims to create a snapshot [...]

Ellen Jorgensen: How 60’s cartoons got me into the lab

I asked Ellen Jorgensen of Genspace what inspired her to get into biology, and what led her to where she is now as founder of a community bio lab. “You’ve got to understand, I’m a child [...]

Ellen Jorgensen: Why There Are Fewer Women in Science

While speaking to me about the advantages of community bio labs, Ellen Jorgensen compared the situation to Michele Obama calling for “all hands on deck”, because if more people are working on the problems, we’re going [...]