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Vector NTI Vs Genome Compiler

By Yael Lederman Everyday, biologists seek simple answers to life’s most complex questions. But getting from point A to point B can be a painstaking process. Software, a way to organize the chaos into simple, easy-to-use [...]

Bacteria Factories

A new study conducted at the Wyss institute at Harvard has discovered a way to design bacteria cells to produce specific types and amounts of chemicals by modifying a bacteria’s genome. This study builds on other [...]

Enzymes Created from XNA

It’s hard to imagine what life on other planets looks like. When you watch Star Wars and see strange looking aliens it is unbelievable that beings so different from us could actually exist, yet a recent [...]

DNA Can Survive in Outer Space

If you recently watched Prometheus and got worried about that weird black goo making it back to earth, buckle your seat belts because it might be possible! Scientists have discovered that double-stranded DNA molecules can survive [...]

Gen9 Receives $25 Million

The “Next Generation Gene Synthesis Company”, Gen9 just received $25 million in equity. In addition to the $25 million, Agilent Technologies invested​ $21 million in March of 2013. The source of the money has not yet been [...]

Interview with Jamie Bacher

Dr. Jamie Bacher took the time to interview with me on Monday to discuss his newly launched San Francisco-based start-up Pareto Biotechnologies, Inc. Pareto utilizes polyketide biosynthesis to create a potentially future-altering synthetic biology platform that [...]