Articles In The News — 12 September 2013

Following a very public resignation at Biocurious, the largest community bio lab is struggling to pay the rent. Other labs such as BUGSS fear having to face the same problem in the near future. Dan Grushkin, co-founder of Genspace and science writer, reports for Scientific American.

“I’m seeing lots of political maneuvering and divisive finger pointing at a time when we should be banding together to turn things around,” Kristina Hathaway wrote in a resignation letter on the lab’s message board. “It’s sad, and it’s shameful.”

The lab is struggling to meet its meager monthly expenses of roughly $6,000 to $8,000. “Over the history of Biocurious, we lose money every month,” Hathaway says.

We had no business plan. No money. We didn’t even know if people would show up. I suspect other labs share the same sort of origin. Three years on, it’s time for the community labs to imitate biology we study, and evolve.

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