: ' DIY Bio'

Open-Source Rapid Prototyping for Biology

Are you tired of spending hours in the laboratory pipetting? Did you recently contaminate your test tube? Check out this awesome device that will solve many of your wet lab problems. OpenTrons has developed an open-source [...]

Biomonstaaar: A Bioreactor for Everyone

Sunny Allen was always interested in science, but overwhelming workloads and lack of encouragement led her to study linguistics instead. Five years of waitressing later, she decided to go back to school and start a second [...]

Biggest DIY Bio Lab in Europe is a Squat – 100% Free to Use!

The biggest DIY Bio lab in Europe is in a squat and costs absolutely nothing to use. La Paillasse is France’s first and only DIY Bio lab, situated in the outskirts of Paris in an abandoned [...]

Laura Dress: BUGSS focuses on the creative side of biology

On the one-year anniversary of BUGSS I spoke to co-founder Laura Dress to find out all about Baltimore’s community BSL1 lab with an artistic twist. “BUGSS is Baltimore’s only community lab and the largest in the [...]

DIY Biotech Labs Undergo Makeovers

Following a very public resignation at Biocurious, the largest community bio lab is struggling to pay the rent. Other labs such as BUGSS fear having to face the same problem in the near future. Dan Grushkin, [...]

Project to Barcode Alaska – Funded!

A Genspace project to go to Alaska and ‘barcode” the plant species there has been fully funded on Microryza, which is the Kickstarter of scientific research. The project, led by Ellen Jorgensen, aims to create a snapshot [...]