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Professor King Chow: How to Transform your Students

King Chow, a professor of Life Science at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) and developmental biologist at heart, became interested in synthetic biology fifteen years ago as articles became published in the [...]

Genetically Modified Babies: GATTACA for Real?

In 1997, researchers announced that the first successful transfer of genetic material had taken place in 30 human babies. This announcement brought on a whirlwind of criticism, with fears that this breakthrough will be the beginning [...]

Genetic Engineering Can Stop Droughts

Genetically Engineered plants have the capabilities to conserve water in dire drought times and stop crises happening such as in present California. The technology is genetic engineering performed with modern molecular techniques, sometimes referred to as [...]

Swap Pills for new DNA

With CRISPR leading the way once again, we see a huge explosion in the commercial marketplace to support the ideas behind this technology.   Editas Medicine recently announced an initial $43 million venture capital investment  to develop [...]

Why Does L.A. Say No To GMOs?

The Times editorial board wrote today about the recent protests in L.A. against genetically modified foods. The main question was, why is L.A. so against GMOs? Where is their evidence coming from? According to the editorial [...]

Design Your Own Baby: Patent Granted

A new Synbio starup is making strides in the next generation of childbirth. Will hand selescting traits from a child’s genetic code become the future standard of human birth?         [...]