In The News — 22 October 2014

Los Altos, CA and City State, Pennsylvania (September 3, 2014). Genome Compiler Corp., a Los Altos based synthetic biology software company entered into a collaborative agreement with De Novo DNA, a biophysics based genetic software company located in State College, PA. Genome Compiler will be leveraging De Novo DNA’s expertise to further enrich their platform to create a more comprehensive synthetic biology solution by incorporating De Novo DNA’s RBS Calculator® and RBS Library Calculator® software design methods, which make specific predictions to improve the performance of genetic systems.

“We are developing a comprehensive synthetic biology platform solution, which strives to make the programing of living things easy and accessible. Incorporating De Novo DNA’s RBS calculator will enable our users to predict protein expression across a variety of industrial relevant hosts”, says Omri Drory, CEO of Genome Compiler. The solution will provide the industry with a comprehensive platform for all their synthetic biology needs. Customers will benefit from direct connections to an array of DNA synthesis providers, automation facilities and an extensive suite of advanced bio-informatics tools and genetic repositories, all in one platform.

“Our continuing mission is to decode the rules of life, develop predictive and accurate biophysical models, and to accelerate biotech R&D across the world. We are excited to become a partner in Genome Compiler’s suite of advanced tools to advance industry development.” Says Prof. Howard Salis, CEO of De Novo. The RBS Calculator® and RBS Library Calculator® design methods are used to predict, control, and maximize the productivity of a multi-enzyme metabolic pathways, in addition to indicating when alternative genes and pathways should be targeted to further increase biosynthesis rates.

About Genome Compiler

Based in Los Altos, CA and Tel-Aviv, Israel. Genome Compiler is a leader in computer aided design and collaboration platforms for the synthetic biology industry.

Genome Compiler’s CAD tool allows scientists in the biotechnology, agriculture and pharmaceutical industries to design, debug and compile biological code, to develop better bio-based products faster.

About De Novo DNA

De Novo DNA was founded by Professor Howard Salis at Penn State University along with his team of scientists and engineers. De Novo DNA’s software allows users to develop next-generation biofuels, renewable materials, recombinant enzymes, and medical therapeutics.


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