In The News — 22 December 2014

Cellectis plant sciences and the Two Blades Foundations (2Blades), two organizations with a common mission of developing techniques to improve the quality of crops, have announced a cross-license agreement of their TAL nuclease technologies. TALEN Technology™ (Cellectis plant sciences) and TAL code technology (2Blades) allow for precise genome editing in plants by utilizing nucleases. Nucleases are like DNA scissors that are designed to cut a DNA strand at a specific location.

Cellectis plant sciences is a Minnesota-based company founded in 2010 that has developed platforms to improve the quality of crops for the food and agriculture industries. The company utilizes TALEN Technology™to produce gluten-reduced wheat among other food crops with enhanced characteristics that make them healthier for consumption.

The Two Blades Foundation is a non-profit corporation that fund and support projects developing genetic resistance to crop diseases with significant consequences. The foundation has projects that address international problems including a project aimed at battling citrus greening. Citrus greening damages orange, mandarin and grapefruit trees and has spread throughout Florida and areas of Asia and Brazil.

2Blades has received licensing of TALEN Technology™ for non-profit purposes to support subsistence farming and disease resistance programs. Cellectis plant sciences agreed to receive 2Blade’s TAL Code technology for commercial uses in certain specified plant crops with an option of expanding the license to additional crops. The financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.


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