In The News — 24 March 2014

Nurit Bar-Shai started an expedition called Objectivity[tentative] which is the use of the sociableness of different bacteria to create unique artistic designs. The bacteria specifically used, Paenibaciullus vortex,  which when subjected to sounds and music creates different shapes and forms, creating spectacular formations.

Nurit Bar-Shai’s Objectivity [tentative]  is a movement inspired by the biochemical work of Professor Eshel Ben-Jacob of Tel Aviv University in the artist’s native Israel. The project celebrates the convergence between art, science, and technology by showing off the visual results of the “chemical tweets” that take place between social microorganisms when they are placed in different settings. Bar-Shai’s latest exhibition,Sound to Shape, is a live performance art installation in which sound stimuli works as the chief variable catalyzing these living works of art.

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