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Bacteria Factories

A new study conducted at the Wyss institute at Harvard has discovered a way to design bacteria cells to produce specific types and amounts of chemicals by modifying a bacteria’s genome. This study builds on other [...]

Synthetic Biology Takes Flight

The next time you fly to Brazil, know that synthetic biology is flying with you. The Brazilian Airline GOL has partnered with biotechnology firm Amyris to supplement up to 10% of its jet fuel with renewable [...]

Sir Richard Branson Interview

              Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson shares insight on the future of biotechnology at the 2014 BIO International Convention. The BIO International Convention was held on June 24th, 2014 in [...]

SEED/SIMB Synbio Conferences

This summer, two large annual synthetic biology conferences, SEED and SIMB, will be taking place in California and Missouri. Omri Amirav-Drory, founder and CEO of Genome Compiler, and Biology Analyst, Martine Bernstein, will first attend the [...]

Synbio Turns Nuclear Waste to Energy

Many in academia as well as the private sector are in the process of resolving perhaps the largest problem throughout the practice of nuclear energy; disposal of waste. Using ideas from the field of synthetic biology, [...]

Rob Carlson: Cowborgs are the Future of Energy

Written by Jonny Serfaty Rob Carlson is one of the world’s leading experts on biotechnology, particularly synthetic biology, and spends a lot of his time analyzing the industry in order to help biotech companies do well [...]

Jay Keasling: Carbon Negative Biofuels from Sugar

Jay Keasling is the founder of JBEI, the Joint BioEnergy Institute, government funded research institute for creating renewable biofuels. I asked Dr Keasling how long it would be before our cars are running on biofuels. “We’ve [...]

Lufthansa invests in algae aviation biofuels

Taken from an article in biofuelsdigest.com. Click here for the full article.   This week, Algae.Tec and Lufthansa have signed a Collaboration Agreement for the construction of a large-scale algae to aviation biofuels production facility. The site will [...]

Renewable Jet Fuel with Synthetic Biology

Source: synbiology.co.uk   An award-winning University of Queensland researcher hopes to use a chemical found in lemons and other citrus fruits to produce clean, renewable jet fuel. Claudia Vickers, a senior researcher at the Systems and [...]

Joel Cherry: Cures Malaria, Builds Fuels & Keeps Bread Fresh

Joel Cherry has already had a more interesting than most, working to improve the human condition in many ways. What are you most proud of? “It’s hard not to feel proud of the anti-malarial work, where [...]

Bart Haverkorn: Biofuels aren’t always green

We’ve all heard of biofuels and I’m sure most of us would not hesitate to say that biofuels are great for the environment. It turns out it’s not so simple, and calling something a biofuel does [...]