Building Synthetic Biology’s foundation with Dr. Jake Beal

Jake Beal began working on synthetic biology as a side project while working on his Ph.D. for Professor Gerald Jay Sussman at MIT. He was entering the program while Ron Weiss, who is now a Professor [...]

Entrepreneur breaks down biology making experiments a breeze for scientists

It is fascinating to see how a bright young mind such as Max Hodak can become a powerful player in an industry such as biotech. A company like Transcriptic does not follow any of the traditional [...]

Dr. Douglas Densmore: The International Workshop on Bio-Design Automation

It is approaching that time of year again for the 6th annual International Workshop on Bio-Design Automation ( IWBDA). This event, which spans from June 11th-12th  in Boston, Massachusetts, brings together researchers, entrepreneurs, industrialists, and students [...]

The Science of Synbio Funding: One-on-one with Innovation Endeavor’s Zavain Dar

Written by Ron Kanter Computer Scientist and Venture Capitalist, Zavain Dar is the premier example of the mind behind the capital behind any one of Synthetic Biology’s successful startup companies. A member of the investment team [...]

Dr. Andrew Spicer: Developing microalgae as novel chassis organisms for synthetic biology.

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John Sgouros: An Expert’s View on the Future of the Synthetic Biology Field

Dr. John Sgouros is a consultant at Biomax and a leader in the field of bioinformatics. John, being a native to Greece, has been involved in the biology industry in Europe for quite some time. He [...]

Dr. Rachel Haurwitz: Caribou Biosciences

Lately, CRISPR- mediated genome engineering has been making headlines in newspapers around the world, claiming that this is a revolutionary development that allows scientists to engineer any part of the human genome with extremely accurate precision. [...]

Interview with Jamie Bacher

Dr. Jamie Bacher took the time to interview with me on Monday to discuss his newly launched San Francisco-based start-up Pareto Biotechnologies, Inc. Pareto utilizes polyketide biosynthesis to create a potentially future-altering synthetic biology platform that [...]

Frivolous Applications are Great

Written by Jonny Serfaty As a self-proclaimed futurist, Andrew Hessel is always looking to the future and in particular to the future of synthetic biology. While most of what we talk about these days is synbio’s [...]

Joel Cherry: Cures Malaria, Builds Fuels & Keeps Bread Fresh

Joel Cherry has already had a more interesting than most, working to improve the human condition in many ways. What are you most proud of? “It’s hard not to feel proud of the anti-malarial work, where [...]

Tim Fenn: “The results are jaw-dropping”

Tim Fenn has been a senior scientist at pharmaceuticals company Merck ever since he made the move from academics in 2011. I spoke to him to find out what inspired him to get into biology, and [...]