Entrepreneurship in Biotechnology with Indie Bio’s Arvind Gupta

Arvind Gupta is one of the co-founders at Indie Bio, the world’s first Synthetic Biology accelerator. Established this September by SOSventures, Indie Bio is an accelerator program designed to support biotech companies whose products aim to [...]

The iGEM Experience with Dr. Oliver Medvedik

Dr. Oliver Medvedik is the head instructor of Cooper Union’s 2014 iGEM team. He is also a co-founder of Genspace, a community lab in Brooklyn. This year, Cooper Union’s iGEM team worked on a project called [...]

UCSF-UCB iGEM Team: The Importance of Collaboration

A majority of iGEM teams consists of undergraduate and graduate students yet one team equips themselves with high school students and has no trouble competing. This year the UC-San Francisco, UC-Berkeley (UCSF-UCB) and Abraham Lincoln High [...]

Professor King Chow: How to Transform your Students

King Chow, a professor of Life Science at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) and developmental biologist at heart, became interested in synthetic biology fifteen years ago as articles became published in the [...]

Implementing Foreign Quorum Sensing Systems into E. Coli with Galen Gao

When he isn’t splitting his time between classes, water polo and planning Hogwart’s styled theme parties Galen Gao, a junior at Caltech, makes time to conduct synthetic biology research and has just finished competing in the [...]

Heidelberg’s Ring of Fire with Dr. Roland Eils

The Heidelberg iGEM team was this year’s Grand Prize Winner at iGEM, a premier undergraduate synthetic biology competition held annually in Boston. Dr. Roland Eils, the team’s advisor, spoke about his team’s project and the overall [...]

The iGEM Experience with UT Austin

The International Genetically Engineered Machine competition (iGEM) is an undergraduate Synthetic Biology competition. Participating student teams use a kit of biological parts, along with new parts of their own, to design biological devices and operate them [...]

SynBioBeta 2014

Genome Compiler will be attending this year’s SynBioBeta in San Francisco! Look out for Omri Drory and Yogev Debbi who will be sporting “I HACK LIFE” t-shirts. And if you haven’t already, check out Genome Compiler! [...]

iGEM Jamboree 2014

Genome Compiler is attending this year’s iGEM Jamboree! They will be creating a special iGEM edition of their software! Request your iGEM edition through the following link. Be sure to look for Daniel Chadash from [...]

Melina Fan

  Melina Fan is a success story of a driven woman who used her experience in Academia to fill a need. She has cofounded two companies: Addgene and LabLife. After obtaining a BS from MIT and [...]

Carefully Calculating Gene expression

In a field that is new and rapidly expanding, everyday we see different scientists performing amazing feats centered on furthering our understanding on how to control molecular biological systems. One scientist at Pennsylvania State University is [...]