Chef Wants Diners To recollect Her Cooking, Not Her Blindness

Enlarge this imageLaura Martinez may be the only blind chef from the region running her own restaurant. La Diosa opened in January. Martinez was hired instantly out of culinary school by acclaimed Chicago chef Charlie Trotter [...]

Biomonstaaar: A Bioreactor for Everyone

Sunny Allen was always interested in science, but overwhelming workloads and lack of encouragement led her to study linguistics instead. Five years of waitressing later, she decided to go back to school and start a second [...]

Glowing Plants: Crowdsourced Genetic Engineering Project Ignites Controversy

Biohackers who promised to distribute genetically modified bioluminescent plants without regulatory testing defend their work.   In April three biohackers from a California Do-It-Yourself biology lab,┬áBioCurious, posted a Kickstarter campaign to crowdsource their plan to bioengineer [...]

Biggest DIY Bio Lab in Europe is a Squat – 100% Free to Use!

The biggest DIY Bio lab in Europe is in a squat and costs absolutely nothing to use. La Paillasse is France’s first and only DIY Bio lab, situated in the outskirts of Paris in an abandoned [...]

Project to Barcode Alaska – Funded!

A Genspace project to go to Alaska and ‘barcode” the plant species there has been fully funded on┬áMicroryza, which is the Kickstarter of scientific research. The project, led by Ellen Jorgensen, aims to create a snapshot [...]