How to choose the perfect vector for your molecular biology experiment

Selecting the right vector for your molecular biology experiment is fundamental to ensure the experiment’s success. There are many elements to consider when choosing which vector backbone to use. To make it easier, we have compiled [...]

Pairwise Alignment Course

Learn how to perform a Pairwise Alignment (sequence alignment) in order to verify the integrity of your designed DNA sequences. Aligning sequencing data to your template confirms the DNA you have matches the in-silico model you [...]

Restriction Ligation Cloning Course

Learn how to perform a restriction ligation cloning experiment, using digest & ligate or PCR and how to design your cloning experiment. [...]

Cloning: Breaking it down

The science community has long employed cloning techniques to help replicate and analyse specific genes and DNA sequences in focus. Over the past few decades molecular biologists have developed procedures to simplify and standardize such cloning [...]

The future is here, literally for the making: A comparison of SnapGene Vs. Genome Compiler

From the first days of unlocking the DNA code, to today synthesizing our own, the past few decades have seen exponential advancements in how we do genetic research. This transformation is owed much to the combination [...]

Vector NTI Vs Genome Compiler

By Yael Lederman Everyday, biologists seek simple answers to life’s most complex questions. But getting from point A to point B can be a painstaking process. Software, a way to organize the chaos into simple, easy-to-use [...]

Entrepreneurship in Biotechnology with Indie Bio’s Arvind Gupta

Arvind Gupta is one of the co-founders at Indie Bio, the world’s first Synthetic Biology accelerator. Established this September by SOSventures, Indie Bio is an accelerator program designed to support biotech companies whose products aim to [...]

Bacteria Factories

A new study conducted at the Wyss institute at Harvard has discovered a way to design bacteria cells to produce specific types and amounts of chemicals by modifying a bacteria’s genome. This study builds on other [...]

Creating the Perfect Christmas Tree

Ever spent hours looking for that perfect Christmas tree? Despite the careful choosing, sometimes our tree ends up drying up and losing its needles too early, begging the question of whether it was worth it to [...]

SNAIL Gene Responsible for Aggressive Cancer Cells

Scientists at Georgia Institute recently published a study on the way cancer cells spread which may give the scientific community insights on how to treat aggressive forms of cancer. The team isolated the SNAIL gene responsible [...]

Genetics Determine Efficacy of Flu Vaccines

It’s the middle of the flu season, and those of us who haven’t gotten our shots might be regretting it right about now. But turns out, flu shots work for some better than others, and all [...]