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Synthetic Biology Takes Flight

The next time you fly to Brazil, know that synthetic biology is flying with you. The Brazilian Airline GOL has partnered with biotechnology firm Amyris to supplement up to 10% of its jet fuel with renewable [...]

Joel Cherry: Cures Malaria, Builds Fuels & Keeps Bread Fresh

Joel Cherry has already had a more interesting than most, working to improve the human condition in many ways. What are you most proud of? “It’s hard not to feel proud of the anti-malarial work, where [...]

Jay Keasling: Synthetic Biology already saving 120 million people a year

When talking about the successes of synthetic biology, Jay Keasling is sure to come up in conversation as the man responsible for the first and biggest practical application of synthetic biology so far – the production [...]

Joel Cherry Answers the Biggest Questions in Synthetic Biology

Synthetic biology is still in its infancy and there are still a lot of questions to be worked out. Recent headlines have included the patenting of genes and the announcement by Kickstarter to ban modified organisms [...]

Jay Keasling: “I was doing synthetic biology before it was called synthetic biology”

Jay Keasling is one of the most prominent names in synthetic biology, responsible for the first and only practical application in the field so far – the production of the anti-malarial drug artemisinin via fermentation. He [...]